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a small selection of ads on HiFi Forsale
Special Offer Equipment View:
Naim Audio > NAC82
Product:  	NAC82
Manufacturer:  	Naim Audio
Description:  	preamplifier with s board from 2000 and napst
TSP:  	£N/A
MAX OFFER:  	£899
Classic copy of a classic album,immaculate condition,played just the once
Sadly I have to sell my vintage Hi-Fi system due to the start of a new life in another country, therefore, I'm selling all the things that I bought during my permanence in UK. The sound is amazing, pure vintage! Ideal for 70's soul, gospel, jazz, rhythm & blues music, you won't like it if you listen the modern punk/hard rock music genre. The systems includes: 
• valve amplifier
• couple of speakers 
• couple of speakers stands 
• turntable
This ad is for the speaker only. Collection from Clapham Junction (just outside the station), in London.

Speakers (£150) 
Couple of JBL L1 bookshelf speakers, elegant and excellent working conditions. Incredible sound! Year 1992.
Cyrus Mono X 300 Signature (Pair) Black
RRP: £5,790
Approximately 4 months old, originally supplied by us new.
In excellent, as new, condition.
Original boxes and packing.
Titan Audio Eros Mains Cable 1.5m Ex demo
RRP: £600
    Excellent condition
    Original packing
    1.5m UK plug

The second cable in the level 2 range is constructed with OCC single crystal copper. Yes ! that's right copper! But with good reason! This is a more expensive cable than the silver plated Elektra however the Eros is no ordinary copper cable.

OCC is often referred to as continuous casting as the cable is one continuous single crystal which allow the electrons to flow easily through it. With standard copper, when magnified the copper contains millions of crystals, with the flow of electricity having to pass through each individual crystal. This then reduces the flow of electrons through the cable. OCC is the best copper conductor available as the cable strands are one continuous crystal, meaning the electricity can flow through it easily, allowing for elections to flow without impedance

The cable then acts as a filter against disturbances in the AC mains supply. This results on a much lower background noise (creating inky black silences), cleaner and sweeter sound in the high frequencies and more depth and control in the bass frequencies. It also leads to enhanced detail retrieval.

The Eros cable is twisted and like the Elektra it is sheathed in a PTFE dialectic with aluminium foil and a drain wire to reduce the effect of RFI and EMI interference both mains borne and airborne. It is sheathed in an attractive grey/black woven material and it is fitted with a laboratory grade MK mains plug and an Oyaide red copper IEC Plug. This cable has been designed specially to work with power amplifiers including large integrated amplifiers, due to its exceptional power delivery.
Mint condition in black. With original box, prefer collection but can send to UK only.
Carly Simon - No Secrets 24kt gold cd DCC
Cover & Disc in excellent condition
CLASS D AUDIO SDS-470C power amplifier. As new. This is a terrific and very powerful amplifier which I bought new and used to drive Magnepan 1.7 speakers. I am sure it would drive virtually all domestic speakers with ease.
I am selling the Magnepans hence the sale.
Admitedly Class D Audio is not a very well known brand here in the UK but take a look at their website to see excellent reviews.
This amp has balanced connectors but I used it with adaptors for single ended and it works fine. The designer says it sounds better with adaptors! I will include the adaptors. The photos on the website are slightly misleading as they show both balanced and unbalanced connectors. This amp has only balanced connectors.
This cost me £680 including the import duties and VAT. 
If you have any questions or want more photos please let me know.
Includes all parts required to install on LP12. 
Including circuit board, switch, cable to circuit board and mains cable.
In excellent condition.
Will be shipped in original packaging
The launch of Sunfire XTEQ brings more than just spectacular sound. The cool, compact design of this premium subwoofer sets it apart from the paunchy pack and brings class to any space so that the listener can focus on the authoritative audio. Sunfire XTEQ is proud to deliver accurate, powerful bass that elevates the entertainment value in your home or home theater. Room-specific calibration accurately integrates an XTEQ subwoofer into your living space and existing audio system and s – even mimics—a professional cinema experience. You’ll get up to 3,000 watts of blood-pumping bass from some of the smallest subwoofer cabinets in the industry.

The unique features of the XTEQ deliver as much bass as you would get from several 15 inch drivers mounted in a cabinet the size of a small refrigerator. Defining the standard of quality today, the XTEQ series brings a proven tracking down converter amplifier, long throw, high back-electromotive force drivers, and a fully automatic room equalizer to the audio experience. Add to that a suite of premium audiophile features like advanced auto turn-on circuitry, Anti-Walking Tread Design Feet ™, gold plated connectors, soft clipping circuitry, and variable crossover level and phase control, and there’s no denying that the XTEQ is the foundation for any great home theater and audio system.


Long-throw high back-electromotive force drivers
Anti-Walking Tread Design Feet
Advanced auto turn-on circuitry 
Fully auto room equaliser
Gold plated connectors
Only 30 of the SME Model 10A Black Edition have been made, we are taking orders if you wish to secure this limited edition turntable. We have serial numbers 1 and 2 in stock now.

The Model 10A Black Edition, made exclusively for the UK market. Featuring all-new total black detailing and matched with the SME M10 tonearm, the Model 10A Black Edition comes supplied with an Ortofon Cadenza Black cartridge.

The turntable is supported on three large polymer isolators inside adjustable feet that allow for quick and easy levelling. The trilateral sub-chassis, carried on three polymer-loaded towers, allows for impressive isolation without floating. The fully machined platter provides extensional damping and features a diamond turned top surface with a fine scroll finish for an optimal record interface. A large diameter reflex record clamp ensures the largest possible contact between platter and record. The turntable is driven by a 3 phase, brushless out runner motor with 8-pole neodymium magnets and 3 integrated hall effect sensors. It is virtually vibration-less by reason of its 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs) weight as well as being isolated on urethane mounts that are adjustable for accurate belt positioning. The electronic controller uses a high-performance microprocessor, optimised for motor control. Closed loop speed control is implemented using a proportional plus integral (PI) algorithm. Fine pitch speed adjustment allows increments/decrements of +/-0.01% of the selected speed. Speed ranges: 33.3, 45 & 78 rpm.

A derivative of the 309, the M10 tonearm is a 10-inch (238.5mm) model featuring many of the design characteristics of the classic Series V. The unique assembly, which features multiple materials each chosen for the finest precision machining and finish, includes a magnesium detachable headshell for rapid cartridge interchange, should it be required.

Featuring a Nude Shibata stylus with a boron cantilever and utilising Ortofon’s WRD (wide range damping-system), the Cadenza Black’s motor system is wound using the company’s aucurum gold plated 6NX copper wire and mounted in an extruded aluminium housing.
For sale Stealth Audio Dream v.16 speaker cable 1.5m/pair with original package and certificate. Termination spade-spade.
Naim Supernait Int Amp purchased in 2012 and in immaculate condition complete with remote.
Special Offer Equipment View:
Audio Research > Ref 5SE
Product:  	Ref 5SE
Manufacturer:  	Audio Research
Description:  	Preamplifier totally immaculate example 120 hrs use only
Comments:  	remote manuals power cable no box
TSP:  	£10762
MAX OFFER:  	£6999
Product: 	Destiny
Manufacturer: 	Creek
RRP £1749
Description: 	integrated amplifier boxed with remote immaculate
Comments: 	HiFi Choice recommended boxed great amplifier
Latish Mark 2 (Post S/N 6200) Linn Ekos Mark 2 in Excellent Condition.
Achieves an excellent 80+ on swing test and vertical movement is smooth.
Dials move freely and lift mechanism works as it should.
No cable included.
Will be shipped in bespoke tonearm packaging but not original
HD03 4 tier stand. The 4 maple shelves are in very good condition; there are scratches on the insides of the metal uprights. 
H = 88cm; D = 58cm; W = 71cm.
Shelves: W = 60cm; D = 55cm; usual width 51.5cm. 
Includes 4 Ceraballs. 
Last RRP was £6500. 
Sorry no packaging so collection only.
Boxed unused Sonos Bridge.  Unopened so complete with all accessories.  Collection or will ship to UK address for an additional £5.
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